Rob has written songs and played in bands for his entire life. He was signed as an artist to RCA Records and as a songwriter to BMG Music Publishing. He has produced albums for major labels, indie labels and unsigned bands, working with artists as wide ranging as Peter Buck (REM), Dismemberment Plan, Chris Stamey, Lee Rinaldo (Sonic Youth), Idina Menzel, Pharaoh Sanders, Dave Smalley, American Standard and filmmaker Hal Hartley. As an artist, he has had the pleasure of working with producers Scott Litt, Michael Barbiero, Steve Thompson, Peter Coleman, John Agnello and Niko Bolas to name only a few.

Sean Kelly, Chief Engineer

Sean Kelly began his career as a talented multi-instrumentalist, earning a degree in music theory. He discovered that he had a passion for critical listening, dissecting recordings and studying every source he could find on how albums were made. This was helped along by parents who loved music; they spent mornings driving to school analyzing Beatles records, figuring out who sang what background vocal. For a young guy, Sean is a fountain of information about classic, analog recording techniques.

His first professional job was working in information technology for a reinsurance company. He knew it wasn't for him but it gave him computer chops that most engineers would die for. Computers and audio devices don't crash when Sean is in the room. They know it is futile.

Since joining Water Music, Sean has worked with Shakira, R. Kelly, David Byrne, St. Vincent, The Feelies, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and Kurt Vile to name a few